Giraffe Mask


About The Masks
The masks are original designs of the endangered species. They are hand drawn and painted on watercolor paper and digitally printed on card stock. They compliment the tee shirts with the same animal. Children love wearing them together. There are cutouts for eyes and mouth.

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Everyone loves Giraffes. They are amazing looking with their beautiful dark orange and white patterned coats and long long necks. Giraffes are the tallest living terrestrial animal 16-20 feet in height. They can run up to 35 mph and eat over 75 lbs of food a day. They are vegetarians. Unfortunately, Giraffe numbers are dwindling across Africa because of poaching and habitat loss caused by human population. They are also killed for the mistaken idea that eating them will cure HIV. There are fewer than 80,000 today.

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